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E-AcpiPower is a small Enlightenment epplet which will show you how much power is left in your batteries and when they will be empty.


After I got my notebook I installed E-Power which uses the apm-functions. But I had to discover that the information is not to be taken seriously on my computer. The numbers jumped from 10 to 200 percent without any system.
This is why I tried out the new acpi-functions. They seemed to be pretty good and reliable. Therefore I modified E-Power to cope with acpi information.


epplet screenshot The battery symbol gives you a quick check on your current amount of power. The first text-line tells you how much power is still available with respect to the last maximum charge. The bottom-line provides information on how long it will last till the battery is empty based on the current power consumption which is given right behind it in Ampere. While the computer is in "AC on-line" state, you will get a rough ETA for the recharging process after some minutes.


You'll need Enlightenment, of course, a working installation of the Epplet-base and a kernel with acpi-support. Note: You cannot have apm and acpi enabled at the same time. Acpi is available if /proc/acpi/ exists, there you will need the subdirectories for the battery and the ac-adapter for E-AcpiPower to work.


The current version of E-AcpiPower is 0.9.0.
It is available here. To learn about the changes, read the ChangeLog.

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