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Florian - who is he?

me Well, I was born in 1980 in Germany (in a state called "Hessen"), a premature birth. I know that this photo is crap, but it is the best I have right now and who really likes photos of oneself?

But I wanted to tell you a bit about me. Here are the facts: I visited school till summer 2000 and I am glad to finally have passed my school leaving examination (even though I know nobody will ever be interested in it again). In Germany one normally has to absolve a year of military service or a year of civil service then. But I was lucky, an illness saved this experience from me - at least one positive aspect of an illness.

After having finished school with my main-subject mathematics and physics I had to decide what to do now. I answered this question by starting studies in physics in September 2000 at the TU-Darmstadt. I have to admit that it is really great so far.

But there is more in life than just learning: In my free time I am sitting in front of my computer a lot, playing keyboard, doing some experiments together with a good friend (i.e. our Tesla coil) or I am just watching TV. What a life ...

:-) Those are the things I like: watching TV, spending time in front of a PC, physics, programming, reading (English books), the author Tom Clancy, eating sweets, good food, driving, tolerance, ethereally(?) oils, Linux, flying gliders, ...

:-( This is what I hate: stress, caraway, smoking, too much alcohol, arrogance, war, monotone work, cruelty to animals, ...

And if someone still wants to send an urgent eMail to me, he is welcome to just do it. I am happy about each new acquaintance and will answer every mail.

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