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First of all I have to state the following: All of the programs, texts, etc. presented here are, as long as not described otherwise, my own work. Therefore you should not expect any mirales but just some entertainment, useful information or help. The files may be distributed freely by you, as long as you do not demand any money and as long as you do not change them or present them as yours without my knowledge and agreement (unless stated otherwise).
Who defies those rules will be punished without trial to a life in a dungeon for at least twenty years. ;-)


The most important first: My DSA public key to be used with GnuPG or PGP

public key
My public GnuPG key with the following attributes to verify it's authenticity:
pub 1024D/D8B53A85 2000-09-05 Florian Schaefer <florian@!well, remove this!>
Key fingerprint = A6BB 9504 7EE2 6582 F3A0 ECDF FB69 71A1 D8B5 3A85


Useful things that I created during my studies

Fourierreihen und Randwerte PS (ca. 110 Kb) or as PDF (ca. 200 Kb)
Together with another student we have written a short scriptum to the lecture of Prof. Hieber: Fourierreihen und Randwertprobleme (SS02). I am not sure if the pdf file works correctly for everyone, please tell me in case you should have any problems (in German).
Physik Formeln PS (75 Kb) or as PDF (92 Kb)
This is my own little physics formulary. It consists of the first three semesters of my lecture in experimental physics which was given by Prof. Tschudi (in German).
Physik Kompakt PS (109 Kb) or as PDF (97 Kb)
This is the same collection of formulas again, but this time everything up to my third semester is on just 2 (!) pages. For me this has been ideal for my intermediate diploma. (postscript format / in German)
Eierkocher (108 Kb)
The publication to the project "The paradoxical egg cooker" (in German)


There are, of course, some downloads for my favourite OS, too.

E-AcpiPower (181 Kb)
An Enlightenment epplet using ACPI to give you information about the current status of your battery, see the project page. (8 Kb)
This little perl script converts data read-ical gets from a palm pilot into "real" ical data as described in rfc2445 which can then be read with the Mozilla Calendar. Caution: Not all repeated events work correctly in this version yet.
2009/06/13 Update: Many thanks to John Heidemann who took my piece of old software and fixed to up to work properly now. Yay! Please see his web page for further information and his download.
Leafnode-plus (265 Kb)
This leafnode is about ten times faster than the original version, if one only wants to fetch the headers (that is with delaybody=1 option). It has been modified together with a friend of mine.
latexwatch (1 Kb)
Another small script you will find usefull if you are a LaTeX-coder. It constantly monitors a given .tex file for changes an compiles it if necessary. I use it all the time for bigger tex-projects.


Some programs and texts I think to be useful for the litte high-tech toy.

Palm tools (375 Kb)
A collection of usefull tools (function plotter, drawing programm, document viewer, stopwatch, ...) for the Palmpilot.
Hitch Hiker's Guide (710 Kb)
An ingenious book by Douglas Adams: "The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy". The book is devided into five parts, so that enough memory will be left on your Palm. (in English)


Some games I created some years ago for DOS using Pascal. You shouldn't take them too serious.

Wormrace 360 (31 Kb)
The ultimate wormrace simulation.
Four in a row (28 Kb)
A classical game with an AI that even lets you win sometimes. (One just has to find the right words for the disadvantages of a programm :-) )
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