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Because I sometimes like to listen to some music when I'm at my computer, I'd like to present a small overview of the music I prefer. So if you're in the mood and would like to listen to some new music just click on one of those links below.

A hint for how to play those songs: Click on the link and then choose that you want to open the file directly without dowloading and saveing it first. The rest should then be done by your computer. I'd like to have a solution to make this site play a selected song by itself, but I don't know how to do it. Help is always welcome.

When I first created this site quite some time ago, I had a comment at this place about the size of those midi-files. But recently I decided to delete this comment in times of broadband internet connections, mp3 and Napster. Nowadays I suspect I should apologize for presenting midi-music, but it's for the good old times ;-) and for the copyright protectors.

If you are in possession of a nice music-file (no matter which format) and would like to share it with me, feel free to drop me a line.

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Last change of this page: Dec 4, 2004