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This is a collection of texts and short stories that are IMHO quite funny but as everyone has his own point of view on those things I really don't know what you will think of them. Just give them a chance.
A special problem for non-German visitors: You know, jokes ... they just aren't the same in another language. This is why I will not try to translate them, it would be horrible.

Jokes - Some "normal" jokes about many aspects of life. (German and English)

The Creation - An alternate story explaining the creation of life, the universe and everything. (German)

The Ferengi - The Ferengi Rules of Acquisition - a must have for all businessmen. (English)

The Physicists' Bill of Rights - Something like a declarations of independence especially made for physicians. (English)

Attention, physicists! - Everything I collected during my studies: Jokes, funny quotes and strange ideas. I know that this page is already liste in my main menu on the left side but I just cannot put enough links of this page on my site. ;-) (German)

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