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Linux vs. Windows
endurance against bluescreen

The old fighting machine:

win logo Name: Windows
Origin: MS-DOS
Inventor: Bill Gates

Strengths: Many programms, simple user interface, wide spreaded

Weaknesses: A system crash every few minutes, expensive, huge, uncontrollable, low security, secret sources

Concerning the stability and system security of Windows I once heard the following (given here as remembered):

Windows is a system which itself cannot be understood or used correctly even by an experienced programmer. Proof: If it would be possible to correct the errors Windows has and to make the system really stable then Bill Gates surely would invest some million dollars to make it happen. Because wich company does not want to have a good procudt and Microsoft surely would have the resources required. However, Gates does not do this. Why? Because there is no programmer on earth who can cope with the Windows code. This is why it is impossible to make Windows better.

In my opinion this says all there is to say about Microsoft and its Windows.

The challenger:

penguin Name: Linux
Origin: UNIX
Inventor: Linus Torvald

Strengths: High avaibility and stability of the system, higher system security, real multitasking, open source, free software, the only one with the penguin

Weaknesses: Usage is more complex, user interface not fully developed yet, not widely spread among end users

For me Linux is like a big adventure - by which I do not mean toy, it is a fully featured operating system. It is exciting to watch an OS developing and I want to get rid of the constant fights with Windows. Therefore Linux is my everyday OS since the end of 1999. Nevertheless I'm still dependant on some Windos programs (for my scanner and for mathematics) but for the rest there are plenty more than good replacements available. It is sometimes more difficult to get something to work (due to lack of native drivers), but once something works it usually stays this way.

Registered Linux User No. 163577

Here is my official proof that I am part of the great Linux community. When are you going to join us?

Windows98 - always good for entertainment:

Pictures that went around the world... I would like to invite you to a very special pleasure now: The presentation of Win98. I am sure that you know what happened there, but if not, I will not spoil the surprise.
Anyway, in my opinion, one cannont see this one often enough. Just click on one of the pictures below to see the whole video (1.63 Mb) and enjoy your laugh. ;-)

the presentation of Win98 the presentation of Win98
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