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I'm back in good old Germany. That means I have spent the last three month at the University of Maryland to do some research for my dissertation. This was my first trip to the USA and I have to admit that I could get used to it, even though many things were alien to me at the beginning. It was a great personal experience and I can't wait to get back there one day.

Guestbook spammers are a real PITA! I hate them! My guestbook has been flooded with fake entries lately. Therefore I finally decided to install a number verification system on the entry page. I just hope that this will be sufficient.

No, I haven't dropped from earth, I'm still with you. Today is one of those days that finalises a phase in my life: After five years of studies I have finally received my degree in physics. Dissertation, I'm coming!

In a vain attempt to decrease the amount of spam I receive, I tried to replace most of my email links by a look to a newly created contact page.

I learned from Kimberly that the term "egg digester" is misleading, therefore I replaced all occurences with a much more usual "egg cooker". Thanks Kimberly for pointing this out, and sorry again that I couldn't help you on the topic of digestion of eggs. ;-)

Yes, I'm still alive. ;-) After a long time of only minor changes, like keeping small parts of the site up to date, I decided to do a major redesign of the layout after having used the last one for about three years. I hope you enjoy it. If you want to find out what older versions of this homepage looked like, you can have a look at the screenshots in my photoalbum.

Today I got my new digital camera :-), a Canon Digital IXUS V2. The resolution is with 2 mio. pixels only moderate but therefore the case is very small. This way the chances of seeing some new pictures on my site or on my photoalbum have increased considerably.

I admit that there haven't been any exciting changes here lately but today my cryptography pages have gone online.

As promised, the English sites are now valid HTML 4.01, too.

Today nothing and everything changed. I finally tried to make my homepage conformable to the current standards. At least all German sites (with one exception) are now valid HTML 4.01. :-) The English sites will follow the good example soon. I suppose that I will now have a good plea if your browser doesn't render my homepage correctly. ;-)

Once again there is something new on my homepage: My online photoalbum is finally ready for presentation. Currently there aren't that much photos in it but I'm sure that this will change, too.

Again a change with respect to our egg cooker project. As we created for a new lecture on this topic a presentation this time, I made it, as a further means of information, online available, too.

The last week has really been great. Together with two other students from our university we went to Greifswald (which is located at the Baltic Sea) for a week. There we attended the "IMPRS Summer School for Plasma Physics" and heard lectures about all the different areas related to plasma physics all day long. Of course we also visited the new Institut for Plasma Physics (IPP) and saw the place where Wendelstein 7-X, a fusion-research reactor, will start operation in some years.

I added another page to About a month ago I bought a notebook and modified an Englightenment epplet that displays the state of my battery. This programm has gotten its own page and I made it public on Freshmeat.

My homepage has moved to another ISP (I may express my thanks to Webagentur Domke at this place). I can finally execute my own scripts. This is why my whole presentation is script-controlled now as it enables me to upgrade single pages much more easily. Furthermore, my self-programmed guestbook is now online, too.

I finally managed to get some pictures of our lectures (yes: our) on the egg cooker. I integrated a small collection of them on my site. Come, have a look.

After I realized that I had a visitor on my site from "down under", I finally decided to do an English translation of my German sites. Today I did the first step and uploaded the first part of the translated files. I hope you will enjoy your vistit a bit more now.

Today there have been two changes: 1. My page concerning the paradoxical egg cooker went online. 2. I decided to use smaller fonts in my documents in favour of most browsers.

After uncounted month of hard work my first term is finally over. It hasn't been bad, but I'm sure my results could be better. Well, there is still much to come and I will savor my two months of free time.

I finally changed something of my homepage again. I went over my laughter bag and added a section that is about my new main occupation.

It is really going to start now. My pre-term course and the week of orientation are over. I'm coming...

This is my first day of my new life. I will be visiting a pre-term course in mathematics in order to train my abilities for the real studies. I suppose I will need the extra exercise.

Well, my vacations are over now. I have been on a small island called "Rügen" which is in the Baltic Sea. The landsacpe is really great but the houses and streets need a lot of work, as it once belonged to the German Democratic Republik.

After quite some hours of hard work, the first version of my homepage is ready to be proudly presented.

Today my domain has finally been connected which means that there is nothing in the way for my internet presence now but the actual creation of my sites. ;)

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