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You may have read in my biography that I'm playing the keyboard during my free time. I started this hobby in 1990.

At the end of 1999 I was ready to create my first audio CD. However, I'm not a componist and the titles are not composed by me. Most of the tracks are of fairly popular musicians but nevertheless I'm quite pleased with the result.

I thought about presenting some mp3s here, but as I do not own the copyrights of those songs I decided against it, sorry. I'm not so keen on getting sued by some music company. Still, there is one thing I can show you without any problems: the cover. Isn't it great? ;-)

the CD cover of my first CD

In 2004 I had collected enough new songs for yet another CD. This one became, in my opinion, much more "professional". Perhaps the most notable fact about this one is that the last song is actually composed by me, it's nothing special (in fact it's structure is rather simple) but, nevertheless, I like it.

Pianoforte CD cover

If there should be someone who is interested in one of those CDs, I would happily make him a copy of it or send him some of the mp3's. Just contact me.

contact me
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